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Your next Mediterranean travel to Rhodes, Tyre, Marsaxlokk and Carthage.

A visit guide as you have never seen before. Amazing insights and hidden corners, where new friends, all along the Phoenician maritime trade routes, will share with you secrets and mysteries of their city ports.

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Carthage, as you have never visited

A challenging attraction for a smarter visit, between Phoenician-Punic legacies and leisure.
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Consult our heritage trails suggestions and plan your next visit to Carthage.

Tyre, your next phoenician destination in Lebanon

Observe the Fishermen of today, dream their Phoenician History and enjoy the exciting Tyre city port and marvellous sandy beaches.

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Consult our heritage trails suggestions and plan your next visit to Tyre.

The project result at a glance

During the Euromed Heritage 4 Conference held in Fez (Morocco) on January 21-23 2013, the MARE NOSTRUM project exposed the outputs achieved during the 48 months of project activities (2009-2013) in Lebanon, Malta, Greece, Tunisia and Italy. read more

Phoenicia was an element such as a hinge connecting the East and West, supplying goods in the Near East and spreading westwards oriental products. Through this network, the Phoenicians were placed as carriers of ideas and men around the Mediterranean, becoming the architects of a peaceful and continuous dialogue, balance and coexistence among different and distant cultures.
The Phoenician expansion in Mediterranean basin and the activation of the caravan route, connecting the Arabian peninsula, mark a change from the Late Bronze Age trade routes after the invasions of the Sea Peoples. But the role of the Phoenician cities in those long-distance trade is also an element of continuity between the second and first millennium BC, during the great empires of the Near East.

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Approval of MARE NOSTRUM  project results and outputs.
A promising future.

The EU Delegation in Lebanon fully approved, after examination, the Final Narrative Report of our action.
This is a confirmation of the excellent work done during 4 years of activities by the project partners and associates. This is the result of a large collegial effort, a strong partnership performed and a high competence demonstrated by the involved experts and project teams in Greece, Lebanon, Malta, Tunisia, Syria(until 2011) and Italy.
We would like to extend our thankfulness to all other organizations and persons that have been involved in the multitude of actions, events, plans and designs for strengthening and promotion of the cultural heritage and the sustainable tourism in Tyre, Rhodes, Marsaxlokk and Carthage.
The most important and valuable parameter have been the citizens of these cities, that welcomed and massively supported our actions, consisting the strongest promise for sustainability.


Works for Mare Nostrum Heritage Trails inTYRE and MARSAXLOKK.

By 7 Professors and 38 Students of:
University of Malta
Balamand University of Beirut-Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts
University of Florence, Architecture Department

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Transnational Protocols signed in Lebanon for Mare Nostrum sustainablity and further fund raising.

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Mare Nostrum agreement with the Ministry of Culture in Lebanon, for the implementation of project results

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Mare Nostrum signed three major Protocols for embedding the project products in Tunisia. The results of the Embedding Seminars in Tunis & Sidi Bou Said 8-10 October 2012.

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logo-delarpa-tunisieArtisanal Fishing & Tourism in Mediterranean Port-Cities, along the Phoenician Maritime Routes.

Fishing tourism can provide a much-needed second stream of revenue for artisanal fishermen, rejuvenate presently-languishing fishing communities, and also boost the tourism economy in the fishing villages and surrounding regions. read more

TRAIN the TRAINERS. A Mare Nostrum transnational activity for embedding of the Phoenician Heritage Trails and Virtual Tours tools.

More than 130 persons participated the second Train the Trainers Seminar by Hassan El Zein (USJ) in Lebanon, Beirut, USJ, FLSH, Mathaf, Salle Polyvalente, on October 2012.

Between them: 13 Travel Agencies, 2 Global Distribution Systems, more than 30 Tourist Guides, 3 Universities, the Ministry of Tourism, TV Journalists and Associations.

Hassan El Zein said us: We trained the attendees also on the correct pronunciation of Phoenician alphabets and they learned words and even completed sentences and they were able to read on the spot!

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Phoenician Women

A Mare Nostrum event in Rhodes, organized by the House of Europe in Rhodes and Rhodes municipality, strengthening mutual understanding and dialogue among Mediterranean cultures.

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    Mare Nostrum Associate awarded by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean

House of Europe in Rhodes, our Mare Nostrum Euromed Heritage 4 associate in Greece, is unanimously awarded the PAM AWARD 2012, by the 3rd Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, for its commitment to dialogue and integration and the support to youth development, in line with PAM's vision and activities for the region. read more

Routes of Water

A Photo exhibition of Mare Nostrum, along the Heritage Trails designed in Tyre, Rhodes, Marsaxlokk and Carthage.
Tunis, Tahar Haddad cultural club, 8 - 21 October 2012.
Vernissage with participation of the photographer Davide Virdis,
8 October 2012 at 17:70.

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MelkartA Mare Nostrum Co-Design Workshop.
Marsaxlokk (Malta), 21-30 April 2012. The Results.

During the co-desing workshop, the citizens of Marsaxlokk worked together with the designers to generate strategies that could be consistent with the local context. The ideas range from traditional static information panels to new solutions that developed suggestions coming from the locals. Beside the design ideas, the process created attention about the cultural heritage of the village and made the citizens more aware that they can contribute to make it more accessible to future generations as well as to tourists.

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A picture can change your life

How do the port cities of Mare Nostrum look under the creative focus of a professional photographer that visits them along the Heritage Trails we designed?
Our network decided to discover it and Davide Virdis, our photographer, visited them for the first time, with the Heritage Trail maps in one hand and his camera in the other. The result is an amazing and surprising view of our heritage cities.

Enjoy it through four portfolios of Tyre, Rhodes, Marsaxlokk and Carthage.

Mare Nostrum School Workshops. The Results.

The Pedagogic School Workshops of Mare Nostrum completed successfully the activities with the participation of hundreds of children in our port cities: Tyre, Rhodes, Marsaxlokk and Carthage, using the Tool Kit, elaborated by University of Balamand MAJAL Académie Libanaise des Beaux-arts of Beirut.

You can download the Tool Kit in English, French Arabic

See the results and the works of the Mare Nostrum school children

Melkart itineraries and markets.

Visit Handicraft in Tyre, Rhodes, Marsaxlokk.

Melkart Market

Lebanon. Community architecture in Tyre

Paralleli - Euromediterranean Institute managed a pilot experience of participatory planning in Tyre (Lebanon). This experience aimed to promote of the heritage value of historic port-cities along the Phoenician routes and to suggest guidelines for new tourist itineraries in the cities of reference.

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Students of Architecture consulted for Med Port-Cities heritage safeguard.
"Mare Nostrum Awards".

Five Mediterranean Architecture Faculties from Lebanon, Greece, Italy, Malta and Tunisia, are involved in Mare Nostrum Architecture Consultation. Five Professors and approximately 70 students are working on the Cultural Heritage Trails designed by Mare Nostrum for Tyre, Rhodes, Marsaxlokk and Carthage.

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Visits: 13780

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Sounds and Voices
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RAI, the National Italian Television channel for
Fenicians and Mare Nostrum.

"Mediterranean Sea"

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Mare Nostrum 360°
Virtual tour of Tartous (Syria), Arwad (Syria) & Tyre (Lebanon)